Construction bentonites

Construction bentonites are produced using a special variety of calcium bentonite with a high content of montmorillonite, with the sodium ion activated. This ensures excellent rheological and expansion properties of this bentonite – it increases its volume 5 to 20 times under the influence of water. Thanks to this property it is widely used for construction materials, mainly in sealing applications.

Construction bentonites are also used for the production of:

  • asphalts dispersions,
  • drilling fluids (suspensions) in tight volume excavations to stabilise the walls,
  • bentonite-cement mixes used on geo-engineering for injections, sealing, and anti-filtration barriers,
  • bentonite mats.
bentonit specjal 45


bentonit gm

MS bentonite

bentonit gm

GM bentonite

bentonit s11

S11 bentonite

bentonit izol

IZOL bentonite

bentonit g

G bentonite

bentonit granulat bentonitowy

Bentonite granulate

bentonit sn

SN bentonite

Drilling bentonites

Drilling bentonites are produced using a special variety of modified bentonite. Such a formula facilitates the preparation of a suspension which has proper rheological parameters, as specified by the American Petroleum Institute. A bentonite fluid has good lubricating properties and a very high capacity for transporting excavated material irrespective of the local geological conditions.

A drilling fluid is an essential element of drilling work. If badly selected, it can cause many complications during drilling and increased costs as a result.

The functions of a drilling fluid:

  • cleanses the bottom of the hole and transports the cuttings,
  • balances the pressure of the rock mass,
  • maintains the cuttings suspended when the drilling fluid is not being circulated,
  • ensures easy cleaning of the fluid,
  • cools and lubricates the drill pipe,
  • stabilises the walls of the well,
  • minimises harmful impact on the environment.


bentonit ht

HT bentonite

bentonit ht

HT Extra bentonite

bentonit hr

HR bentonite

Foundry bentonites

bentonit specjal

SPECJAL bentonite