Construction bentonites

Construction bentonites are produced using a special variety of calcium bentonite with a high content of montmorillonite, with the sodium ion activated. This ensures excellent rheological and expansion properties of this bentonite – it increases its volume 5 to 20 times under the influence of water. Thanks to this property it is widely used for construction materials, mainly in sealing applications.

Construction bentonites are also used for the production of:

  • asphalts dispersions,
  • drilling fluids (suspensions) in tight volume excavations to stabilise the walls,
  • bentonite-cement mixes used on geo-engineering for injections, sealing, and anti-filtration barriers,
  • bentonite mats.
bentonit specjal 45


bentonit gm

MS bentonite

bentonit gm

GM bentonite

bentonit s11

S11 bentonite

bentonit izol

IZOL bentonite

bentonit g

G bentonite

bentonit granulat bentonitowy

Bentonite granulate

Drilling bentonites

Drilling bentonites are produced using a special variety of modified bentonite. Such a formula facilitates the preparation of a suspension which has proper rheological parameters, as specified by the American Petroleum Institute. A bentonite fluid has good lubricating properties and a very high capacity for transporting excavated material irrespective of the local geological conditions.

A drilling fluid is an essential element of drilling work. If badly selected, it can cause many complications during drilling and increased costs as a result.

The functions of a drilling fluid:

  • cleanses the bottom of the hole and transports the cuttings,
  • balances the pressure of the rock mass,
  • maintains the cuttings suspended when the drilling fluid is not being circulated,
  • ensures easy cleaning of the fluid,
  • cools and lubricates the drill pipe,
  • stabilises the walls of the well,
  • minimises harmful impact on the environment.


bentonit ht

HT bentonite

bentonit ht

HT Extra bentonite

bentonit hr

HR bentonite

Foundry bentonites

Casting bentonites are used in the production of synthetic moulding sands for green-sand moulds. Casting bentonites ensure the high quality of the produced moulding sand. The essential advantages of using moulding sands with bentonite is the facility to cast in green sands without prior drying, and reusability of the sands.

Bentonite is a material consisting mainly of smectite minerals, typically montmorillonites, which possess special swelling and water absorption properties. As an ingredient in binding agents, it provides proper parameters for moulding sands and guarantees very good castings. It is characterised by good strength and high resistance to the temperature of molten metal.

bentonit specjal

Specjal Bentonite

bentonit specjal plus

Specjal PLUS Bentonite

Bentonites for agriculture

Bentonites for agriculture are inactivated pure calcium bentonites, characterized by high montmorillonite content, low heavy metal content, and high water absorption, and sorption.

bentonit sn

SN bentonite

bentonit izol

SND bentonite