BENTOPOL is the basic material for making a water-based drilling fluid. It is recommended for the vertical drilling of: oil, hydro-geological, raw material, and geophysical wells. Its role is to form a suspension with good thixotropic and viscotic properties, achievable at low concentrations (3–5%). It can be used with polymer additives, which enhance its stabilising properties, and prevent the spilling of soil and narrowing down of wells.

A drilling fluid containing BENTOPOL ensures good transportation of cuttings and stabilisation of the walls of the hole during drilling. BENTOPOL was developed in cooperation with the Polish Drilling Fluid Service Centre in Krosno, and the properties of a drilling fluid made with Bentopol bentonite comply with American Petroleum Institute’s “Standard Field Procedure for Testing Drilling Fluids” API, RP 13A.

Item Parameter Bentopol
1. Plastic viscosity [mPas] 9 – 11
2. Apparent viscosity [mPas], min. 30
3. Filtration [cm3] max. 15
4. Water content [%], max. 10
5. Grain content on sieve 0.075 mm, [%] max. 4

* The properties shown above are in accordance with American Petroleum Institute “Standard Field Procedure for Testing Drilling Fluids” API, RP 13A

Packaging method

45±2,5 kg paper bags, stacked on Euro pallet 1200×800 mm Big Bag, approx. 1000 kg Bulk in truck tanks Other types of packaging to be arranged


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