The products used in drilling are based on a special variety of modified bentonite. The mixture so selected makes it possible to produce a suspension with the appropriate rheological parameters defined by the standards of the American Petroleum Institute. Bentonite mud has good lubricating properties and has a high capacity to lift the excavated material regardless of the prevailing geological conditions.

The mud is one of the most important elements when drilling a hole – the wrong one can cause many complications when drilling, resulting in increased costs.

The purpose of drilling mud:

  • cleans the bottom of the hole and carries away the drill cuttings,

  • balances the pressure of the rock mass,

  • keeps the drill cuttings in suspension during interruptions in the circulation of the drilling fluid,

  • allows easy cleaning of the mud,

  • cools and lubricates the drill pipe,

  • stabilises the borehole walls,

  • minimises harmful effects on the environment.




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