Products used in the foundry industry include:

Foundry bentonites

They are used to produce synthetic moulding compounds, which are used to make uncured (wet) moulds, as well as hot core and shell moulds.


Specjal Bentonite


Specjal PLUS Bentonite

Bentonite mixtures

A material that consists of bentonite and a glossy carbon carrier. It is used to make synthetic moulding compounds.

SPECJAL bentonite with high strength and heat resistance is used in the production of the mixtures.

Depending on individual customer requirements, we also produce other types of mixtures with varying proportions of bentonite and glossy carbon carrier.

Tests on the properties of ACTIVE bentonite mixtures were carried out in accordance with standard PN – 85/H – 11003.

mieszanki bentonitowe Standard

Standard bentonite mixtures

mieszanki bentonitowe ACTIVE ECO

Active ECO bentonite mixtures

mieszanki bentonitowe ACTIVE

Active bentonite mixtures

Resin-coated sands

In the foundry industry, they are used, among others, in the automotive sector and in the production of: valves, connectors, pumps, compressors and many other casts of iron, steel and non-ferrous alloys.

perlit ekspandowany

Resin-coated sands