AGAT kocioł pelletowy

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Robust pellet hopper

Our pellet hopper is made of galvanized steel to extend its life.

Convenient operation

It is fitted with a top cover with convenient handles for easy use, and its unique design makes it possible to locate it in small boiler rooms.

Available hopper sizes

– 300 litres:
Width: 571 mm
Depth: 570 mm
Height: 1425 mm

– 400 litres:
Width: 631 mm
Depth: 590 mm
Height: 1675 mm


The main advantages offered by our hopper are:
– high durability
– high strength thanks to extra reinforced legs
– leak-tightness of the design
– good slip in the feed orifice
– easy to clean.

These advantages are particularly important when storing pellets in humid areas.

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