Other uses

pozostałe zastosowania


Other uses for bentonite:

  • as a flocculant in waste water treatment plants,

  • food and paper industry,

  • insecticide carrier,

  • component of soil sealing in landfills,

  • ingredient for cosmetics, ceramics, paper,

  • wine clarifier,

  • carrier for medicines, food supplements.


Expanded Perlite

Other uses for perlite:


  • soil additive to strengthen the rooting of flower cuttings. Reduces water evaporation and ensures regular air flow to the root system,

  • used in hydroponic cultivation,

  • used in greenhouse crops as a soil regulator,

  • used in the construction of roof gardens,

  • used as a mycelium substrate.

Feed production

  • anti-caking agent for feed,

  • absorber of unwanted odours and moisture in bedding,

  • carrier for medicines and supplements.

Food industry

  • filtering material,


  • ingredient of natural peeling cosmetics,

  • abrasive in toothpastes.

Household chemicals

  • cleaning agent in safety pastes,
  • fragrance carrier in fragrance sachets,


  • filler in industrial materials,

  • insulating agent in: cold store enclosures, building partitions, floors and ceilings (not only food industry).

Environmental protection

  • absorbent of oils, sludge, waste water,
  • absorber and stabiliser for oil and chemical spillages on surfaces and water.