Agroperlite – Horticultural perlite

Agroperlite or horticultural perlite is a variety of expanded perlite with a coarser grain size, which is used in gardening and greenhouse crops as a substrate additive. Perlite is an irregularly shaped porous granule that effectively retains water. The production process makes it highly sterile and chemically inert. Perlite’s application is very extensive and efficient. Horticultural perlite mixed with soil significantly loosens it, improves the cultivation of plants providing aeration and proper hydration of soil. This is very important because perlite ensures that the roots receive more oxygen, which considerably improves the quality of the plants grown.

Horticultural perlite is a material with extremely effective properties. Thanks to its porous structure, it is excellent at absorbing water and mineral compounds and, as a result, creates ideal conditions for plant growth. As such, it is ideal for modern plantations of various types of plants and as a soil additive on lawns, sports grounds or golf courses.

Agroperlite can also be used as a stand-alone substrate in hydroponic (soilless) cultivation, with natural perlite mats most commonly used for this purpose. An additional reason for using horticultural perlite as a substrate for vegetative propagation is its sterility.

Perlite is a naturally occurring rock and contains no substances harmful to human health or life. This is one of numerous arguments for the increasing popularity of the use of this mineral in many industries.

perlit ogrodniczy
agroperlit, perlit ogrodniczy

Advantages of agroperlite:

  • facilitates aeration and hydration,

  • accelerates plant growth,

  • removes the problem of soil-borne diseases,

  • prevents soil compaction and trampling,

  • is suitable for both home and professional gardening.

CLASS Agroperlite 1÷4 mm
Bulk density [kg/m3] max. 150
above 2.00 min. 65
below 1.00 max. 10

Horticultural perlite produced by ZGM “Zębiec” SA has a positive opinion of the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice. An opinion confirming its properties to support growing conditions in orchard, vegetable, ornamental and lawn areas.

Method of packaging

Paper sacks 5 l stacked on a euro pallet 1,200×800 mm Paper sacks 100 dm3 stacked on a euro pallet 1,200×800 mm Big bags, approx. 1 m3 Other packaging by arrangement


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