Bentonite-KORMIX mixes

Bentonite-Kormix mixes are modern materials for synthetic moulding sand production for the founding industry. The mixes eliminate the need to develop technologies for two different materials, which include bentonite and coal dust. Castings have a noticeably better finish as their faces are free from heat marks, scabs, or veins. The castings are very precisely formed, so there is no need for downstream machining, which reduces the production cost.

Advantages of bentonite-KORMIX mixes:

  • facilitated dosage of moulding sand ingredients,
  • exact reproduction of cast surfaces,
  • reduced cost associated with the cleaning and finishing of castings,
  • improve the quality of castings,
  • improved OHS and fire prevention.

In the production of the mixes, we use SPECJAL bentonite which has high strength and heat-resistance.

Currently, ZGM ZĘBIEC SA offers three kinds of bentonite-Kormix mixes having the following parameters:

Item Parameter 75k 80k 85k
1 Compression strength in humid state [MPa], min. 0,068 0,070 0,072
2 Spill rate [%], max. 3,0 3,00 3,00
3 Swell factor [cm3/2g] min. 13 15 15
4 Content of lustrous coal carrier [%], min. 25,00 20,00 15,00
5 Loss on Ignition, min. [%] (relative to dry sand) 27 – 31 21 – 25 19 – 23
6 Water content [%], max. 8 – 12 8 – 12 8 – 12

Depending on individual requirements of our Customers, we can produce mixes with different proportions of bentonite and lustrous coal.

The properties of bentonite-Kormix mixes are tested as per PN-85/H-11003.

Packaging method

42±2,5 kg paper bags, stacked on Euro pallet 1200×800 mm Big Bag, approx. 1000 kg Bulk in truck tanks Other types of packaging to be arranged


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