Feed perlite

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It is a natural product that is sterile, chemically inert and resistant to mould and fungus. Perlite is used in breeding as an excellent carrier for liquid feed additives, such as drugs, antibiotics or vitamins. Due to its high absorbency, perlite, like a sponge, soaks up the medication that is given to the animals with their food. The medicinal substance is then gradually released in the animal’s body and the perlite is excreted. Perlite is a harmless material, which additionally helps to cleanse the digestive system of the animal in question. Perlite is also used in animal feed as a natural anti-caking agent and on farms as an odour and moisture absorber in bedding.

Technical parameters

Granularity [%]
+ 1,00 mm max. 40
– 1,00 mm max. 40
Bulk density [kg/m3] max. 150
Humidity [%] max. 2

Detailed technical parameters of perlite can be agreed individually with customers. The product can be customised.

Method of packaging

Paper sacks 100 dm3 stacked on a euro pallet 1200×800 mm Big bags, approx. 1m3 Bulk in road tanker

Terms of collection

  • Pick-up
  • GMP+ certified delivery to customer

The product is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene under no. BK/B/0243/01/2019.


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