Springs and leaf springs

ZGM ZĘBIEC SA is a leading manufacturer of springs and leaf springs, and it belongs to the small circle of companies which manufacture springs for the machinery industry, power industry, mining, railways, etc. Our products are characterised by extreme strength, excellent quality parameters, durability and long term reliability.

Springs from ZGM ZĘBIEC have excellent strength properties.

The production of springs is based on hot and cold coiling:

  • cold coiling permits the manufacture of springs from steel wires 1–13 mm in diameter;
  • hot coiling permits the manufacture of springs from steel rods 14–50 mm in diameter;

Manufacture of springs: material

  • cold-coiled springs are made from patented spring wires as per PN-71/M-80057 and DIN 17223 part 1;
  • hot-coiled springs are made from alloy rods, subject to rolling, drawing, and grinding, in accordance with PN 74/H-84032;
  • the terms of spring manufacture as per PN-88/M-80700 or in accordance with special standards are to be arranged with the Customer;

Intended use of springs
The manufacture of springs by ZGM ZĘBIEC SA is intended to supply high grade products (springs made using modern methods of cold and hot forming, etc.) to the machine industry and sectors that are particularly high-quality sensitive, i.e. the power industry, mining or railway transport. Our products are durable and precisely tuned to the needs of their buyers, and they provide necessary safety standard in practically all operating conditions.

The conditions of manufacture of our springs follow PN-88/M-80700 or are adapted on the basis of our arrangements with the Customer. Our springs are mainly used in the machinery, the power and mining industries as well as the rail industry.

Leaf springs

We manufacture leaf springs hot formed from flat or grooved rods, 4–16 mm in thickness. The terms of manufacture of leaf springs are based on submitted drawings or special arrangements with the Customer.

We guarantee the timely delivery and repeatability of quality parameters.


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