Mineralbent G

bentonit sn

Bentonite is used in agriculture to improve the soil’s structure and properties, to control water management and to reduce the level of fertilisation, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Its regular use contributes to a permanent increase in water and gas capacity of the soil, thus improving its fertility, which results in better quality of crops and higher yields.

Technical parameters

  • Water content – max. 10%
  • Montmorillonite content min. 50%

The product is available as granules or powder.

Method of packaging

Big bags, approx. 1000 kg Bulk in road tankers

Terms of collection

  • Pick-up or at the customer’s request.


Technical consultancy:

Anna Glina
Implementation and Development Specialist

ph. +48 41 27 67 504
ph. +48 696 091 887
e-mail: anna.glina@zebiec.pl

Conditions of Sale:

Jarosław Kozieł
Manager of the Minerals Sales Department

ph. +48 41 27 67 416
ph. +48 784 697 119
e-mail: jaroslaw.koziel@zebiec.pl

Małgorzata Czarnecka
Trade Specialist

ph. +48 41 27 67 516
ph. +48 696 091 886
e-mail: malgorzata.czarnecka@zebiec.pl