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Class 5 boiler for eco-pea coal

A state-of-the-art, eco-pea coal heating boiler which meets the stringent criteria of the standard PN-EN 303-5:2012 in respect of exhaust emissions and efficiency. It was tested by the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze (accreditation by the Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AB 081) and fulfilled the performance requirements specified by the said standard, receiving CLASS 5 (certificate No. 35/2017).

92.4% – high thermal efficiency

The 3-path design of the heat exchanger plus excellent insulation of the boiler ensure up to 92.4 % efficiency. The use of auxiliary components, such as turbulators, a spiral deflector, minimises dust emission.

Maintenance-free heating using coal eco-peas

The PID algorithm used on the LIDER PID DYNAMIC controller automatically controls the quantity of the fuel fed in and the induced air flow. The chief advantages of this kind of control are:

  • the stability of the set temperature, regardless of momentary changes in heat demand,
  • a considerably reduced release of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances into the atmosphere,
  • much longer periods between cleanouts.

Modern solutions in eco-pea coal boiler

The boiler features many unique patented solutions. They make the operation of the boiler more efficient and enhance its safety and performance.
The most important solutions include:

  • an auger-rotation sensor – utility model No. 64607,
  • a hopper-drying system – utility model No. 65550,
  • a retort air-pressure balancing system – utility model No. 62995,
  • a spiral deflector – utility model No. 123723,
  • a rotary connector – utility model No. 123722 (available at extra an charge).
Where to buy

Fuel dryer system.

Certified boiler plates P265GH.

60-month warranty for leak-tightness of the water jacket.

24-month warranty for fault-free operation.

Automatic operation

High thermal efficiency reaching 92.4%

Retort air-pressure balancing system

Ceramic burning chamber.


Increased safety of operation through the use of sensors.

Auger-rotation sensor.

Ease of use.


SMS control.

WWW control.

Room control panel.

Pellet peas, grade II, type 31.2 (8–20 mm)


The unit is controlled by the LIDER PID DYNAMIC, a modern control device which can manage 4 pumps, a 3- or 4-way mixing valve, and several independent heating circuits. It can be controlled via a room control panel, the Internet, mobile phone, or by a weather compensation unit, etc.

topaz rysunek techniczny

BOILER Height Width Depth A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm] E [mm]
TOPAZ 25 1424 1256 1130 156 1125 1250 159 585
Detailed data J.m. TOPAZ 25
Rated thermal output kW 25
Operating range kW 7,5-25
Thermal efficiency % do 92,4
Single-charge sustained combustion at rated/minimal power* h 30-150
Hopper capacity* dm3/kg 165/132
Boiler water capacity dm3 110
Min. required draught Pa 25
Min. chimney height m 5
Min. chimney cross-section area cm x cm Φ cm 20 x 14 Φ 18
Flue diameter mm Φ 159
Threaded connection pipes mm Φ 48,3 (1 1/2″)
Max. operating pressure bar 1,5
Net weight kg 650
Boiler class as per PN EN 303-5:5:2012 5
* For reference only; depends on bulk density, calorific value, fuel grade, etc.
ZĘBIEC boilers Thermal output Heated floor area [m2], based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5cm styrofoam ~8cm styrofoam ~10cm styrofoam
TOPAZ 25 25 215 250 295 385