KORLA Piec na ekogroszek
Piec na ekogroszek

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Eco-pea coal boiler with proven structure

KORAL is a modern eco-pea coal boiler with feeder, which is characterized by ease of use. The design solutions of the boiler refer to the highly rated MERKURY boilers by Zębiec. The boiler operation is controlled by a modern ELSTER controller with the possibility of controlling 4 pumps, a mixing valve, and as an additional option it features several independent heating circuits or an Internet module.

Up to 95.5% – high thermal efficiency

The PID algorithm used in the controller automatically regulates the amount of fuel fed and the blow-in power. Such control ensures more economical, more efficient and cleaner combustion.

Modern solutions

The boilers utilise a system preventing backflow of smoke into the feed hopper. It is possible to set a programme in the controller for disinfection of the domestic hot water tank. To increase the convenience of use, the boiler can be purchased with the right or left hand side feeder.

Ecological pea heating

The boilers meet stringent requirements of the Class 5 and Ecodesign in terms of clean exhaust, which means that KORAL boilers by ZĘBIEC meet the conditions for obtaining funding under the CLEAN AIR (CZYSTE POWIETRZE) programme.