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Modern 2-hearth boiler

The MERKURY is a heating unit with the upper combustion of solid fuels and an extended flue gas circulation. The unit has two burning areas which permit automatic or manual replenishment of fuel. A special controller manages the operation of the unit to make burning even more efficient.

Superefficient and easy to use

The MERKURY boiler has a fixed grate to burn hard coal, wood and coke, in addition to a retort hearth which permits the burning of coal peas and wood pellets. This is a typical combination for 2-hearth boilers, the main advantage being the option to operate without electric power. The worm conveyor automatically transports the fuel from the hopper. The fuel has to be replenished as required. The fan blower supplies a continuous air flow to the burning zone in order to maintain a set temperature in the heated areas of the home.

Safe operation

The ST-480 control unit ensures the fully automatic and safe operation of the boiler. The MERKURY is fitted with protection devices and sensors which respond appropriately and guarantee the correct operation of the unit (e.g. a motor overheating sensor and a feeder temperature sensor). The auger operation monitoring system protects the boiler from damage resulting from a failure by stopping the fan, cutting out the air inflow, and by emitting an acoustic alarm signal.

Innovative fuel dryer system

The innovative system for drying fuel eliminates the possibility of vapour condensation in the hopper and reduces the risk of corrosion in the tank and feeder. In this way the service life of both the feeder system and the hopper is extended.

Long term warranty

The advantages of the 2-hearth MERKURY boiler are its high combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency (up to 86%). The temperature-resistant design, the top grade materials used for its manufacture and its modern operating system ensure long-term operation, which can be attested to by many of our Clients.