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Modern 2-hearth boiler

The MERKURY is a heating unit with the upper combustion of solid fuels and an extended flue gas circulation. The unit has two burning areas which permit automatic or manual replenishment of fuel. A special controller manages the operation of the unit to make burning even more efficient.

Superefficient and easy to use

The MERKURY boiler has a fixed grate to burn hard coal, wood and coke, in addition to a retort hearth which permits the burning of coal peas and wood pellets. This is a typical combination for 2-hearth boilers, the main advantage being the option to operate without electric power. The worm conveyor automatically transports the fuel from the hopper. The fuel has to be replenished as required. The fan blower supplies a continuous air flow to the burning zone in order to maintain a set temperature in the heated areas of the home.

Safe operation

The ST-480 control unit ensures the fully automatic and safe operation of the boiler. The MERKURY is fitted with protection devices and sensors which respond appropriately and guarantee the correct operation of the unit (e.g. a motor overheating sensor and a feeder temperature sensor). The auger operation monitoring system protects the boiler from damage resulting from a failure by stopping the fan, cutting out the air inflow, and by emitting an acoustic alarm signal.

Innovative fuel dryer system

The innovative system for drying fuel eliminates the possibility of vapour condensation in the hopper and reduces the risk of corrosion in the tank and feeder. In this way the service life of both the feeder system and the hopper is extended.

Long term warranty

The advantages of the 2-hearth MERKURY boiler are its high combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency (up to 86%). The temperature-resistant design, the top grade materials used for its manufacture and its modern operating system ensure long-term operation, which can be attested to by many of our Clients.

Automatic operation – hour/week programming, the option of a weather compensation unit, domestic hot water production, WINTER/SUMMER modes

Flashback protection (feeder temp. sensor) – to prevent the feeder from reaching temperatures over 80oC.

60-month warranty for leak the tightness of the water jacket.

24-month warranty for service life and efficient operation.

Sensors and systems – flashback protection (feeder temp. sensor), boiler overheating protection (automatic temperature limiter), auger rotation sensor, motor overheating sensor, feeder temp. sensor, hopper dryer system.

High combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency up to 86%.

Retort air pressure balancing system – prevents smoke from going back into the hopper.

Unique system for continuous boiler control – ensures fully automatic fuel and air dosing based on the current heat demand.

Low content of harmful substances in the flue gas.

One-piece screw conveyor – made of continuous material, welded along the whole length of the shaft (18G2A steel).

The option of using a fixed grate; regulation by hand, a draught regulator or controller and fan blower.

Emergency fuel quench system – optionally, subject to quotation.

Innovative fuel dryer system – eliminates the risk of vapour condensation in the hopper, which extends the service life of both the feeder and the hopper.

Unique auger rotation monitoring system informs the user of a screw failure, stops the fan, cuts off the air flow, and activates acoustic and visual signalling (comes as standard).

Version with ST-48zPID MULTI for an extra charge.

SMS control*.

WWW control*.

Indoor control panel*

Mixing valve control*.


Coal peas, grade II, type 31.2 (8–20 mm) Coal peas or grade I peas (9–31.5 mm) Pellets, 6–14 mm


węgiel kamienny
koks opałowy
Hard coal Coke Wood logs

ST-480zPID control unit

The ST-480zPID controller is suitable for heating boilers fitted with a screw conveyor.
It controls 4 pumps for central heating, domestic hot water, floor heating and water circulation, as well as the fan and fuel feeder. The unit will also work with 2 mixing valves, a room controller, weather compensation unit, and a GSM module. The heat energy of the exhaust gas is not wasted by being released into the chimney, but it is used for heating.


Instrukcja obsługi – Seria Merkury Instrukcja obsługi – Seria Merkury 9 z ST-480 Instrukcja obsługi – Seria Merkury ST-480 z PID

Instrukcja obsługi – ST-480 z PID Instrukcja obsługi – ST-61 Instrukcja obsługi – ST-65 GSM
Instrukcja obsługi – ST-208 Instrukcja obsługi – ST-501 Instrukcja obsługi – System Gaszenia
Merkury 9 – etykieta energetyczna Merkury 14 – etykieta energetyczna Merkury 18 – etykieta energetyczna
Merkury 25 – etykieta energetyczna Merkury 35 – etykieta energetyczna


BOILER Height Width Depth A B C Flue Hopper capacity [dm3/kg] Burning chamber E [mm]
D Hi Wi De
MERKURY 9 1356 1010 675 90 1090 1171 159 90 150 259 300 445
MERKURY 14 1489 1237 730 90 1219 1299 159 150 150 340 360 572
MERKURY 18 1607 1237 730 90 1337 1417 159 150 218 340 360 572
MERKURY 25 1607 1237 730 90 1337 1417 159 150 218 340 360 572
MERKURY 35 1607 1237 730 90 1337 1417 159 150 218 340 360 572
Detailed data J.m. Merkury 9 Merkury 14 Merkury 18 Merkury 25 Merkury 35
Rated thermal output kW 9 14 18 25 35
Operating range kW 3-10 4-16 5-21 8-29 10-38
Heat efficiency with standard fuel at rated power % do 86 do 86 do 86 do 86 do 86
Heat efficiency at rated/minimal power (retort combustion) h 50-130 50-176 41-150 40-125 33-125
Single-charge sustained combustion at rated/minimal power (fixed grate combustion) h 4,8-12 4,5-16 5-19 5,5-18 5-17
Hopper capacity dm3/kg 90/72 150/120 150/120 200/160 265/212
Hopper capacity dm3/kg 12/8,4 18/13 26/18 38/27 48/34
Boiler water capacity dm3 45 64 72 95 107
Min. required draught Pa 24-34 24-34 24-34 24-34 24-34
Min. chimney height m 5 5 5 7,5 7,5
Min. chimney cross-section area as per PN-89/B-10425 cm x cm Φ cm 20 x 14 Φ 18 20 x 14 Φ 18 20 x 14 Φ 18 20 x 14 Φ 18 20 x 20 Φ 20
Flue diameter mm Φ 159 Φ 159 Φ 159 Φ 159 Φ 168
Threaded connection pipes mm Φ 48,3×4
(1 1/2″)
Φ 48,3×4
(1 1/2″)
Φ 48,3×4
(1 1/2″)
Φ 48,3×4
(1 1/2″)
Φ 48,3×4
(1 1/2″)
Max. operating pressure bar 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Net weight kg 310 437 465 540 670
ZĘBIEC boilers Thermal output Heated floor area [m2], based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5cm styrofoam ~8cm styrofoam ~10cm styrofoam
Merkury 9 9 80 90 105 135
Merkury 14 14 120 140 165 215
Merkury 18 18 155 180 210 275
Merkury 25 25 215 250 295 385
Merkury 35 35 300 350 410 540

Draught regulator

A draught regulator in solid-fuel boilers is a thermostatically operated device for controlling water temperature in the boiler.
A thermostat head of the regulator monitors the water temperature in the boiler and via levers and a chain actuates a throttle to increase or reduce the airflow into the hearth.


Room controller: ST-280, ST-292

The use of the room controller ensures easy control and readout of the temperature in the room, boiler, accumulation tank and mixing valves directly in the living space without having to go to the boiler room.
The room controller works only in conjunction with the main control unit which features RS communication from TECH. The large, clear, colour touch display ensures easy operation.
The ST-292 unit is designed to control a heating unit (e.g. a gas/oil/electric boiler or a boiler control unit). The controller is intended to maintain a set temperature indoors, transmitting the signal to the heating unit (open/close contacts) based on the actual room temperature.


GSM module

Don’t know what is happening to your heating boiler when you leave the house? The GSM module sends you texts about each alarm on the boiler controller.
Additionally, on sending a dedicated SMS message at any time (using an authorised number), the user gets text feedback on the current temperatures on all the sensors. When an authorisation code is entered, it is possible to change temperature setpoints remotely.


Internet module ST-505

The internet module is a device that allows the user to control the operation of the boiler via the Internet.
In this way, the user can monitor the state of all devices on the boiler system. It is also possible to view the temperature history, presented conveniently on clear graphs, as well as view the controller alarm history. Functionalities and the manner of configuration of the internet module depend on the type and software of the main control unit. With new controllers, the set-up process is made very easy (you can see “Registration” button in the submenu of the internet module – installation menu. The absence of this option means that the main controller is older type). The GSM ST-505 module also works with main control units of the older type.