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An innovative pellet boiler DIAMENT has a cylindrical shape. The use of three water jackets allows for more accurate fuel combustion and faster heating of the system. The DIAMENT boiler burner is equipped with temperature sensors and safeguard accessories that will cut off the fuel supply in the event of: power failure, overheating of the system or flame loss.


The boiler does not require cleaning when used with rated power. The use of a rotary furnace chamber and the blow-in unit ensures efficient boiler operation and automatic cleaning of the furnace from ash.


Flame and exhaust gas circulate efficiently between coats and heats water faster in the central heating system. Its internal structure is more durable owing to the small number of welds, which results in less corrosion.


The boiler meets the stringent requirements of Class 5 and Ecodesign in terms of clean exhaust. Therefore, it is an excellent choice when replacing a heat source with new one, using available co-financing opportunities (e.g.: Clean Air Programme [Program Czyste Powietrze]).

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nowoczesny kocioł na pellet


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Automatic firing up, extinguishing and cleaning the burner ensures comfortable use of the boiler.

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The Diament boilers meet stringent requirements of the Class 5 and Ecodesign.

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Thanks to the elements used, the boiler is very energy-efficient.

nowoczesny kocioł na pellet

The double screw and temperature sensor guarantee high safety of boiler use.

nowoczesny kocioł na pellet DIAMENT

Diament boilers meet the conditions necessary to obtain co-financing.

Automatic ignition and extinguishing of the burner

Simple operation

7-year warranty on the tightness of the water body (after meeting the conditions of the operating manual – return protection)

24 months warranty of efficient boiler operation

Automatic burner cleaning

High thermal efficiency reaching 94.9%

Low power consumption

High-quality boiler protection in the form of: double screw and temperature sensors

Low level of harmful substances in exhaust gases

Mechanical fuel supply

Easy and quick firing up (thanks to the ceramic heater)

As an additional option

Cooperation with the weather regulator

Boiler control via the Internet

Boiler control using the room panel

6-8mm pellets

Modern Diamond pellet boiler

The DIAMENT boiler can be ordered with the controller: Leader Pellets or Leader Kolor Pellets.

Lider Pellets Lider Kolor Pellets
Standard controller features with a monochrome panel with a colour panel
Mixing pump YES
DHW circulation pump YES
PID operation (smooth fan speed regulation) YES YES
Automatic firing up YES YES
Automatic cleaning YES YES
Pump operation modes house heating, boiler priority, summer mode house heating, boiler priority, summer mode
Disinfection YES YES
Weekly programming YES YES
Clock, date YES YES
Touch panel YES
Burner power modulation YES YES
Upgradeable via micro SD card YES YES
“Termik” boiler temperature sensor YES YES
Screw temperature sensor YES YES
Mixing modules YES up to 10 pcs. YES up to 10 pcs.
Room controller YES YES

The Diament pellet boiler is available in two versions:

Diament without clean-out hatches
The innovative Diamond boiler design does not require the use of traditional clean-out hatches. When using the rated combustion power suggested by the manufacturer – the fallout generated during the combustion process settles automatically in the ash pan.
In the case of prolonged (about one week long) burning in the boiler with power close to the minimum, you should burn out the boiler with rated power once a week for a period of 6-8 hours, thanks to which you will get the effect of complete burnout of the substances deposited on the boiler exchanger.
Diament with clean-outs hatches
For customers who want to manually clean the boiler or if the boiler is to be used in a non-standard way and there is a fear that it will not be possible to apply the rated burning power during 6-8 hours together with heat collection, the boiler option with two upper clean-out hatches will be available (extra charge).
In this case, cleaning is done manually through the two top clean-out hatches.

nowoczesny kocioł na pellet

BOILER Height Width Depth A B C D E F G H
DIAMENT 14 1407 1295 1086 51 163 1105 159 604 1260 1290 1002
DIAMENT 20 1407 1295 1086 51 163 1105 159 604 1260 1290 1002
DIAMENT 26 1407 1295 1086 51 163 1105 159 604 1260 1290 1002
Identification UOM DIAMENT 14 DIAMENT 20 DIAMENT 26
Energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+
Rated thermal power kW 14 20 26
Energy efficiency ratio 120 119 118
Primary fuel wood pellet wood pellet wood pellet
Scope of work kW 4,2÷14 6÷20 7,8÷26
Storage feed hopper capacity* dm3/kg 240/168 240/168 240/168
Boiler water capacity dm3 100 100 100
Min. required natural draught Pa 20 25 25
Min. height of the chimney m 5 5 7,5
Min. cross section of the chimney cm x cm
Φ cm
14 x 14
Φ 14
20 x 14
Φ 18
20 x 14
Φ 18
Flue diameter mm Φ 159 Φ 159 Φ 159
Max. working pressure bar 1,5 1,5 1,5
Maximum water temperature °C 85 85 85
Thermal efficiency % do 94,9 do 94 do 93,1
Exhaust gas temperature at work with rated power °C 115 115 115
Flammability at rated and minimum power* h 55÷182 38÷127 29÷98
Water pipes outlets/return (threaded) mm 1½” internal thread 1½” internal thread 1½” internal thread
Boiler weight without water kg 320 320 320
Electrical supply 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Average power consumption W 30 30 30
Boiler class according to PN-EN 303-5:2012 5 5 5

* For reference only; depends on bulk density, calorific value, fuel grade, etc.

Modern pellet boiler

ZĘBIEC boilers Thermal output Heated floor area [m2] based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5cm insulation ~8cm insulation ~10cm insulation
DIAMENT 14 14 120 140 165 215
DIAMENT 20 20 170 200 235 305
DIAMENT 26 26 220 260 305 400

Modern pellet boiler

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