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Modern boiler with a larger exchanger

WENUS stands out with its large surface heat exchanger, which ensures even better heat transfer. The improved design contributes to better heat absorption and reduces its losses thanks to the use of a double-return smoke path and optimal arrangement of fire tubes. WENUS boilers with upper combustion are commonly installed in single-family houses and multi-family buildings, garages, commercial facilities and other types of buildings.

Rapid heating of indoor spaces

WENUS boilers provide the highest output using hard coal, coke, or wood. Burning proceeds relatively quickly, and in no time the boiler achieves high heat output. Additionally, a recycled air throttle enhances the burning process. Thanks to low heat dissipation, WENUS boilers have good thermal efficiency, reaching even 82%.

Automatic operation

The combination of a traditional heating boiler with modern solutions facilitates the operation of the unit. The boiler is designed to accept a PID algorythm control module, which permits easy setting of parameters for optimum performance. Also, with such a control unit the user needs only to replenish the fuel and remove the ash.

Convenient charging

The enlarged burning chamber provides for easy fuel charging. Its dimensions ensure longer operation because at one time the user replenishes more fuel, so the time in between is longer. WENUS boilers are made with durable sheet steel, which is resistant to high temperatures.