SZAFIR kocioł na węgiel


Coal boiler


Boiler SZAFIR is characterised by easy operation. It has a movable, cast iron grate, which allows ash removal without opening the door. The large capacity of the top-loading chamber allows to long work with one load, and the large door opening facilitates convenient refuelling. It has a three-chamber structure that improves combustion efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions.


The SZAFIR boiler can be used to heat small areas, as well as houses with an area of up to 305 m². The advantage of the SZAFIR boiler is the possibility of refuelling during operation without deterioration of the boiler’s heating properties (as in boilers with a feeder).


This is one of the smallest boilers on the market. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be installed in small and low boiler rooms. The SZAFIR boiler is characterized by low fuel consumption, thanks to the boiler efficiency amounting to 90%. Its undisputed advantage is that it does not require power supply, and the control is carried out manually or automatically using a chimney air draught control device.


The solid and durable SZAFIR boiler is made of certified boiler sheets up to 6 mm thick (12 kW boiler weight: 360 kg), has a three-chamber structure, which reduces the risk of corrosion and sinters. It has a long warranty – up to 5 years – of the tightness of the body’s welded parts.

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SZAFIR kocioł na węgiel



Large chamber, allowing the boiler to long work with one loading.

ikona kotły co

High efficiency and combustion efficiency with low fuel consumption results in the economical use.


The low level of harmful substances in exhaust gas makes it an environmentally-friendly boiler.

zębiec piece centralnego ogrzewania

It does not require power supply, thus reducing operating costs.

kotły zębiec

Legendary reliability and longevity from Zębiec.

5 years warranty of watertightness of the welded joints of the water body

4 years of warranty on the body tightness

24 months warranty of efficient boiler operation

Large combustion chamber

Certified P265GH boiler sheets

Quick and effective ash removal thanks to the movable cast iron grate

High boiler efficiency (90%)

Power supply is not required

Low level of harmful substances in exhaust gases

Simple operation

As an additional option

Adjustment of combustion using an automatic control device

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coal 20-50 mm

Szafir coal boiler

Combustion in the boiler can be adjusted manually by changing the position of the throttle in the bottom door by turning the adjusting screw.

Combustion in the boiler takes place automatically using a combustion control device.

kocioł na pellet z podajnikiem

BOILER Height Width Depth A B C D E F G
SZAFIR 12 1021 493 1100 93 118 802 133 436 1021 920
SZAFIR 16 1138 581 1129 93 118 919 159 490 1138 1016
SZAFIR 20 1252 581 1129 93 118 1033 159 490 1252 1130
Identification UOM SZAFIR 12 SZAFIR 16 SZAFIR 20
Energy efficiency class B B B
Rated thermal power kW 12 16 20
Energy efficiency ratio 83 84 84
Primary fuel coal coal coal
Scope of work kW 3÷12 4,8÷16 6÷20
Chamber capacity dm³/kg 24/17 29/20 39/27
Boiler water capacity dm3 55 72 86
Required natural draught Pa 15 18 18
Minimum height of the chimney m 5 5 5
Minimal cross section of the chimney cm x cm
Φ cm
12 x 12
Φ 14
20 x 14
Φ 18
20 x 14
Φ 18
Flue diameter mm Φ 133 Φ 159 Φ 159
Max. working pressure bar 1,5 1,5 1,5
Maximum water temperature °C 90 90 90
Thermal efficiency % to 88,9% to 89,5% to 90,0%
Fuel consumption when working with the min. and rated power kg/h 0,5÷1,9 0,8÷2,6 0,96÷3,2
Exhaust gas temperature at work with rated power °C 135 135 137
Min. safe accumulation tank capacity dm³ 750 750 750
Water pipes outlet/return G 1½” inner G 1½” inner G 1½” inner
Boiler weight without water kg 360 426 480
Boiler class according to PN-EN 303-5:2012 class 5 class5 class5
Ecodesign yes yes yes
ZĘBIEC boilers Fuel Thermal output [kW] Heated floor area [m[m2] ] based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U > 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5 cm insulation ~8 cm insulation >10 cm insulation
SZAFIR 12 coal 12 105 120 140 185
SZAFIR 16 coal 16 135 160 190 245
SZAFIR 20 coal 20 170 200 235 305