SWK zębiec kocioł

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Fail-safe design for 40 years

The SWK boiler with the upper combustion of solid fuels ensures the efficient heating of any type of building: from a garage, a house and utility buildings to commercial spaces. Due to a great deal of interest in the SWK, the boiler is modernised on a regular basis to accommodate modern solutions as well as possible to achieve better combustion parameters.

Practical solution for more convenient operation

The large combustion chamber and an efficient system of ash removal via a movable grate are but a few solutions enhancing the convenience of use. On top of that is a rugged and heat-resistant structure, making SWK one of the most commonly bought models from ZGM ZĘBIEC SA.

Economical combustion thanks to automatic regulator

The sizeable burning chamber is a great advantage as it prolongs the uninterrupted operation of the boiler. The SWK is designed to use a system based on the PID algorithm to control the process and economy of fuel combustion. In the event of power failure, the boiler works well and ensures satisfactory performance relying on natural draught. The user can set the temperature by means of an adjustment screw located in the bottom door which regulates the position of a flap (mechanical) or this can be adjusted by a draught regulator.

High thermal efficiency, reaching 82%

The SWK is made only from proven and durable materials. Heat dissipation is significantly reduced by means of an insulation mantle made with layers of steel lined with mineral wool. The high efficiency (up to 82%) is made possible by, among other things, a recycled air throttle, which enhances the burning parameters and enhances gas burning in the combustion chamber. Additionally, the ash pan used here is an integral part of the boiler body. This eliminates turbulences of burning resulting from unwanted air flow.