KWK zębiec kocioł

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Suitable for every building

The all-purpose KWK type boiler is a heating unit with the upper combustion of solid fuels. It is especially popular in private homes, but it is also installed in commercial spaces and individual shops. It is designed to burn such fuels as wood, hard coal, and coke.

Easy to use

Thanks to the unfailing upper-combustion design, every kind of fuel will be burnt almost completely. Fuel catches fire quickly and easily – it is enough to strike one match on the grate and fire will spread rapidly over the fuel. To ensure maximum efficiency of operation, we recommend fitting an automatic draught regulator. Also, the KWK boiler is fitted with a movable grate which can be easily emptied of ash.

Heat efficiency reaching 82%

The KWK from ZGM ZĘBIEC SA features a large combustion chamber enabling the burning of both hard coal and sizeable pieces of wood. The larger chamber can receive a bigger charge at one loading. The fuel charge burns evenly, ensuring a constant temperature in the heating medium. Simultaneously, with a view to enhancing heat transfer, the KWK boiler contains one extra path for the flue gas (the so-called water pocket) as well as a fixed water grate.

Only proven and durable materials used

KWK boilers are made only using proven and durable materials ensuring long service life. The use of certified boiler plates of 6 mm in thickness and an insulation mantle made of steel cassettes that are lined with mineral wool has a radical impact on the reliability of the design.

Option of automatic operation

The boiler is designed to accept a PID algorithm control module, which guarantees high accuracy of parameter control and reduces the user’s involvement to a minimum. However, the boiler is also the perfect choice for periods without electricity, using the natural air draught. Temperature can be adjusted using an air throttle located in the ash pan door, or an automatic regulator (the so-called draught regulator).