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Ideal for tight spaces

The KU type boiler from ZGM ZĘBIEC SA is a heating unit with the upper combustion of solid fuels. The compact size of the boiler, combined with its lower heat output, makes it ideal for small buildings, such as summer cottages, garages, workshops, utility buildings, and individual apartments in multi-family buildings.

Convenience of use

The operation of the boiler can be controlled automatically or manually. By choosing an accessory control device, such as a draught regulator for combustion temperature control, time and effort can be reduced to an absolute minimum. However, the boilers can be operated manually by means of a special throttle.

Tough design

In the manufacture of this boiler only top grade materials are used to guarantee its strength and resistance to pressure and high temperatures. The water jacket is made of certified sheet steel of 3–4 mm in thickness, while the insulation used reduces heat loss. The KU-6 boiler features a universal design of the heat exchanger, so despite its small size, the boiler quickly reaches the expected combustion efficiency. Its solid structure and proven solutions ensure excellent thermal efficiency and a long service life.

Reliable choice

The fixed water grate is quick to deliver heat to the surrounding water, which enhances the thermal efficiency of the unit. KU steel boilers are very durable, and they enjoy a great deal of popularity due to their compact size.