kompaktowy kocioł na pellet onyks



The ONYKS boiler, with an integrated hopper, is a newcomer to the Zębiec pellet-boilers portfolio. The equipment is distinguished by its compact, modern, and aesthetic design. Thanks to its compact size (height only 1.2 m), it takes up little space, and will fit into virtually any boiler room, even the smallest. The boiler is equipped with an integrated pellet hopper with a capacity of 60 l/43 kg, which can be extended with an additional hopper, increasing the storage capacity up to 140 l/98 kg. The opening side of the door cover can be changed to optimise space in the boiler room.


A few simple movements with the handle under the hopper cover are enough to clean the heat exchanger mechanically. The burner, on the other hand, is cleaned automatically when the boiler is extinguished, or every 8 hours of continuous operation.


The modern three-draught boiler design is based on a vertical multi-tubular heat exchanger. The pellet combustion is carried out through a self-cleaning, automatic, inlet burner. The ONYKS pellet boiler has the Lider Kolor Pellets controller, which regulates the operation of 4 pumps and a mixing valve. Automation can be extended by connecting additional mixing-valve modules. The controller works with room and weather panels as well as an Internet module.


The ONYKS pellet boiler meets the stringent requirements of Class 5 and Ecodesign for flue-gas purity. It is, therefore, an excellent choice when replacing a heat source with a new one using possible subsidies (e.g. The Clean Air Programme).

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nowoczesny kocioł na pellet firmy Zębiec


kotły 5 klasy

Compact design (only 1.2 m high).

kotły 5 klasy

Automatic burner firing-up, extinguishing, and cleaning ensure convenient use of the boiler.

kocioł pelletowy

Option to change the door-opening direction.

kocioł pelletowy

Mechanical exchanger cleaning.

Adapted for both open and closed systems.

nowoczesny kocioł na pellet

Increased safety, thanks to sensors.

nowoczesny kocioł na pellet DIAMENT

The Onyks boiler meets the conditions necessary to obtain a subsidy.

Lider Kolor Pellets Controller with colour-touch display

May be installed in both open and closed systems

7-year warranty on the tightness of the water body (after meeting the conditions of the operating manual – return protection)

24-month warranty for fault-free boiler operation

Automatic inlet burner (automatic burner firing-up, extinguishing, and cleaning)

High thermal efficiency, reaching 91.3%

Integrated 60 l pellet hopper with the option of extending it to 140 l by mounting an additional hopper

High-quality boiler protections in the form of sensors and thermal safeguards

Option to change the door-opening direction

Automatic fuel supply

Mechanical exchanger cleaning

As an additional option

Cooperation with the weather regulator

Boiler control via the Internet

Boiler control using the room panel

6-8mm pellets

ONYKS Compact pellet boiler

Controller: Lider Kolor Pellets

Controller advantages:

  • Smooth boiler temperature regulation through the air-supply and feeder-operation controls
  • Automatic operation
  • Mixing-valve actuator control as standard
  • Control of 4 circulating pumps
  • Hourly, weekly programming
  • Has pump and mixing-valve sensors and thermal protections as standard
  • Option of connecting the Internet module
  • Additional modules can be connected to control valves
  • Option of connecting room regulator
  • Software update via micro-SD card
Lider Kolor Pellets
Standard controller features with a colour panel
CH pump YES
DHW pump YES
Mixing pump YES
DHW circulation pump YES
Mixer YES
PID operation (smooth fan speed regulation) YES
Automatic firing up YES
Automatic cleaning YES
Pump operation modes house heating, boiler priority, summer mode
Disinfection YES
Weekly programming YES
Clock, date YES
Touch panel YES
Burner power modulation YES
Upgradeable via micro SD card YES
“Termik” boiler temperature sensor YES
Screw temperature sensor YES
Mixing modules YES up to 10 pcs.
Room controller YES
kompaktowy kocioł na pellet ONYKS
BOILER Height Width Depth A B C D E F G
ONYKS 10 1200 610 750 240 900 970 1168 633 690 Ø80
L.p. Identification UOM ONYKS 10
1 Energy efficiency class   A+
2 Rated thermal power kW 10
3 Energy efficiency ratio 117
4 Sprawność cieplna % do 91,3
5 Primary fuel wood pellet
6 Scope of work kW 3÷10
7 Hopper capacity without / with an extension* dm3/kg 60/43 / 140/98
8 Boiler water capacity dm3 40
9 Min. required natural draught Pa 20
10 Min. height of the chimney m 5
11 Min. cross section of the chimney cm x cm
Ø cm
14 x 14
12 Flue diameter mm Ø 80
13 Max. working pressure bar 1,5
14 Maximum water temperature °C 85
15 Exhaust gas temperature at work with rated power °C 133
16 Flammability at rated and minimum power/with an extension* h 25÷84 / 57÷190
17 Water pipes outlets/return (threaded) mm 1” GZ
18 Boiler weight without water kg 235
19 Electrical supply 230V/50Hz
20 Maximum power consumption** W 352,5
21 Boiler class according to PN-EN 303-5:2012 Klasa 5

* For reference only; depends on bulk density, calorific value, fuel grade, etc.
** of which the power of the electric heater is 300W.

ZĘBIEC boilers Thermal output [kW] Heated floor area [m2] based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U > 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5cm insulation ~8cm insulation ~10cm insulation
ONYKS 10 10 86 100 120 155