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All-purpose boiler

The JOWISZ is a heating unit with upper flue circulation which contributes to high heat transfer. Its modern functionalities increase its thermal output, so that the entire heated area will reach the required temperature. JOWISZ boilers are the most popular option for houses, utility buildings and commercial spaces.

Very large combustion chamber

JOWISZ is designed to burn wooden logs and hard coal. It also accepts wood logs, up to 550 mm in length. You can charge the very large combustion chamber very easily. Its capacity is as much as 99 dm3 in the largest model of the series. Loading is safe and convenient because fuel is stoked from the front and the swinging flap reduces the amount of smoke released during stoking.

Simple and reliable design

The 3-way heat exchanger increases thermal efficiency: the heat transfer is smooth and optimum temperature is maintained. The reinforced insulation mantle prevents the loss of valuable heat. Ecological central heating largely depends on the selection of appropriate combustion parameters which you can adjust manually by using the throttle located on the ash pan door at the bottom or automatically by means of the draught regulator.

Rugged structure

The JOWISZ boiler is made from proven materials. The thick, certified boiler sheet steel used for the water jacket are heat and pressure resistant, ensuring a long service life. Suitable insulation in the form of a mantle made of layers of steel lined with mineral wool permits higher thermal efficiency, lowering heating costs. The rugged design and the use of modern solutions ensure a long service life and fault-free operation.

Large combustion chamber.

Combustion is controlled by means of an automatic draught regulator* or manually (*as an option at extra charge).

High combustion efficiency, up to 82%.

Certified boiler plates P265GH.

24-month warranty for service life and efficient operation.

drewno paliwo
Hard coal Wood
Automatically by means of a draught regulator.

Manually by means of a screw adjusting the position of the flap in the lower door.

Instrukcja obsługi – Jowisz Jowisz 14 – etykieta energetyczna Jowisz 20 – etykieta energetyczna


BOILER Height Width Depth A B C Flue Burning chamber Charging hole E
D height width depth width height
Jowisz 14 1052 475 1028 85 908 1108 Ø159 413 300 563 300 320 208
Jowisz 20 1252 475 1032 85 1105 1308 Ø 159 598 300 563 300 320 254
L.p. Detailed data UOM JOWISZ 14 JOWISZ 20
1 Rated thermal output kW 14 20
2 Operating range kW 5÷14 7÷20
3 Charge capacity of the burning chamber dm3 68 99
4 Boiler water capacity dm3 61 82
5 Required draught Pa ³22 ³22
6 Min. chimney height m 5 5
7 Min. chimney cross-section area cm x cm

Æ cm


Æ 18


Æ 18

8 Max. operating pressure bar 1,5
9 Max. water temperature °C 95
10 Heat efficiency at rated power % do 82
11* Single-charge sustained combustion at rated power h ~3,5 ~4,2
12* Single-charge sustained combustion at min. power h ~7 ~11
13 Connection pipes, leaving/return water
(threaded G 1 ½” )
mm Æ48,3×4 (1 ½ ”)
14 Flue diameter mm Æ159 Æ159
15 Weight of empty boiler kg 290 330
16 Overall dimensions height mm 1052 1252
weight mm 475 475
depth (incl. flue) mm 1028 1032

* for reference only; depends on bulk density, calorific value, fuel grade, etc.

ZĘBIEC boilers Thermal output Heated floor area [m2], based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5cm styrofoam ~8cm styrofoam ~10cm styrofoam
JOWISZ 14 14 120 140 165 215
JOWISZ 20 20 170 200 235 305

Draught regulator

A draught regulator in solid-fuel boilers is a thermostatically operated device for controlling water temperature in the boiler.
A thermostat head of the regulator monitors the water temperature in the boiler and via levers and a chain moves a flap to increase or reduce the airflow into the hearth.