AGAT kocioł pelletowy

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Modern pellet-fired boiler

The AGAT is a state-of-the-art, pellet-fired heating boiler, which meets the stringent criteria of PN-EN 303-5:2012 in respect of exhaust emissions and efficiency. It has been tested by the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze (accreditation by Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AB 081) and has been found to fulfil the performance requirements specified by the said standard, receiving CLASS 5 (the highest; certificate No. 26/2017) and ECODESIGN designation.

Highest thermal efficiency

The 3-path design of the heat exchanger plus perfect insulation ensure 95.5% efficiency. The innovative design of the burner ensures the best dust emission parameters.

Fully automated operation

The unit is controlled by the ST-9723, a modern control device which can manage 4 pumps and a 3- or 4-way mixing valve (2 additional valves can be fitted), and several independent heating circuits. It can be controlled via an indoor control panel, the Internet, mobile phone, or a weather compensation device, etc.

Innovative algorithm for power modulation

The AGAT’s algorithm for power modulation automatically controls the operation of the burner (automatic ignition and cleaning), the amount of supplied fuel, and the blower. The automatic modulation of the burner output uses innovative technology, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%, also reducing power consumption.

Where to buy

Automatic igniting and extinguishing

10-year warranty for the leak tightness of the welded joints of the water jacket

60-month warranty for the leak tightness of the water jacket

24-months warranty for service life and efficient operation

Automatic cleaning of the burner

High thermal efficiency, reaching 95.5%

Modulated burner output

Ceramic burning chamber

Low power consumption

High grade safety devices: double auger and temperature sensors

Easy and fast ignition (ceramic heater)

Easy to use


SMS control

WWW control

Indoor control panel

Pellets, 6-8mm

ST-9723 controller

The ST-9723 controller is a device for pellet-fired boilers fitted with a hopper and a fan. Using extended software functionalities, the device can control the operation of the following: igniter, fuel feed, burner cleaning grate, fan blower, central heating water pump, domestic hot water pump, mixing valve (stepless regulation), and auxiliary pumps.

Operation and Maintenance Manual for AGAT series Operation Manual for ST-9723 controller AGAT 10 – AGAT – product fiche
AGAT – karta produktu Deklaracja zgodności WE Nr 55/2017 Świadectwo nr 20/2017
Zaświadczenie nr 26/2017 Zaświadczenie nr 59/2017 i 60/2017 Wyróżnienie w konkursie TOPTEN

agat rysunek techniczny

BOILER Height Width Depth A B C D Hopper capacity [dm3/kg] E [mm] F [mm] G [mm]
AGAT 10 1095 1002 1358 156 670 801 159 144/100 510 1015 1000
AGAT 15 1134 1141 1448 156 835 935 159 205/142 615 1074 1125
AGAT 20 1216 1141 1448 156 885 1010 159 216/150 615 1074 1206
Detailed data UOM AGAT 10 AGAT 15 AGAT 20
Rated thermal output kW 10 15 20
Operating range kW 3-10 4,5-15 6-20
Heat efficiency (standard fuel) % do 95,5 do 96,2
Single-charge sustained combustion at rated/minimal power* h 45/151 43/143 34/114
Hopper capacity* dm3/kg 144/100 205/142 216/150
Boiler water capacity dm3 59 89 94
Min. required draught Pa 20 20 25
Min. chimney height m 5 5 5
Min. chimney cross-section area cm x cm Φ cm 14 x 14 Φ 16 14 x 14 Φ 16 20 x 14 Φ 18
Flue diameter mm Φ 159 Φ 159 Φ 159
Threaded connection pipes mm Φ 48,3 (1 1/2″) Φ 48,3 (1 1/2″) Φ 48,3 (1 1/2″)
Max. operating pressure bar 1,5 1,5 1,5
Net weight kg 360 490 520
Boiler class as per PN EN 303-5:5:2012 5 5 5
* For reference only; depends on bulk density, calorific value, fuel grade, etc.
ZĘBIEC boilers Thermal output Heated floor area [m2], based on the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (insulation)
U 1 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,7 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,5 [W/m2K] U ~ 0,3 [W/m2K]
no insulation ~5cm styrofoam ~8cm styrofoam ~10cm styrofoam
AGAT 10 10 86 100 120 155
AGAT 15 15 130 150 175 230
AGAT 20 20 170 200 235 305

Room controllers: ST-280, ST-292

The use of the room controller ensures easy control and readout of the temperature in the room, boiler, accumulation tank and mixing valves directly in the living space without having to go to the boiler room.
The room controller works only in conjunction with the main control unit which features RS communication from TECH. The large, clear, colour touch display ensures easy operation.
The ST-292 unit is designed to control a heating unit (e.g. a gas/oil/electric boiler or a boiler control unit). The controller is intended to maintain a set temperature indoors, transmitting the signal to the heating unit (open/close contacts) based on the actual room temperature.


GSM module

Don’t know what is happening to your heating boiler when you leave the house? The GSM module sends you texts about each alarm on the boiler controller.
Additionally, on sending a dedicated SMS message at any time (using an authorised number), the user gets text feedback on the current temperatures on all the sensors. When an authorisation code is entered, it is possible to change temperature setpoints remotely.


Internet module ST-505

Thus Internet module is a device which allows the user to control the operation of the boiler via the Internet.
In this way, the user can monitor the state of all the devices in the boiler system. It is also possible to view the temperature history, presented conveniently on clear graphs, as well as to view the controller alarm history. The functionalities and the mode of configuration of the Internet module depend on the type and software of the main control unit. With new controllers, the set-up process is made very easy (you can see the “Registration” button in the submenu of the Internet module – installation menu. The absence of this option means that the main controller is of an older type). The GSM ST-505 module also works with main control units of an older type.