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kotły zębiec

Boilers Zębiec

Thanks to many years of experience and use of the highest quality materials, we enjoy the trust of tens of thousands of our customers. All of our boilers have a wide range of equipment to ensure safe operation, high efficiency and comfort. Experienced warranty and post-warranty service helps our customers to make the most efficient use of our central heating boilers to minimize the downtime in home heating. In order to improve customer service, we have launched a spare parts shop, where you can quickly order the required boiler component that has been worn. In addition to our boilers we have a guarantee of up to 10 years.

kotły zębiec

Products for Industry

Zakłady Górniczo-Metalowe ZĘBIEC S.A. od ponad 50 lat specjalizują się w branżach: ODLEWNICTWA, WIERTNICTWA oraz BUDOWNICTWA. Jesteśmy wiodącym producentem bentonitów (odlewniczych, wiertniczych i innych), mieszanek bentonitowo – kormixowych, kormixu (produktu do wytwarzania syntetycznych mas formierskich), piasków kwarcowych powleczonych żywicą, a także perlitu ekspandowanego. Wszystkie wyroby produkowane są w oparciu o nowoczesne urządzenia połączone w ciągi technologiczne. Kontrola przebiegu procesów prowadzona jest za pomocą urządzeń pomiarowych zainstalowanych w istotnych punktach technologicznych, które pozwalają zapewnić powtarzalność parametrów poszczególnych produktów. Stały nadzór laboratoryjny gwarantuje wysoką jakość wyrobów.

ZGM Zębiec S.A.

For the past 40 years, it has been one of the leading producers of heating boilers. Boilers are designed for central heating of single family houses, commercial pavilions, services, garages, commercial premises, etc. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers by delivering the highest quality products that meet their expectations. Every newly-introduced type of boiler before the start of production is comprehensively tested in terms of construction and subjected to thermal tests. This allows us to have a professional research station. Boilers meet all energy efficiency and environmental standards. All boilers produced by ZGM Zębiec S.A. They are CE marked. On request we issue a Declaration of Conformity. Our products have proved to over 700,000 customers both in Poland and in Europe.

Zakłady Górniczo Metalowe „Zębiec” w Zębcu Spółka Akcyjna is a company with over 50 years tradition. The uniqueness of our boilers starts at the design stage. Experienced engineering staff using modern 3D software executes projects with the highest technical standards in accordance with applicable standards and directives. Thanks to 40 years of experience in boiler production, we know how to develop our products. We use top quality materials from reputable suppliers. The basic material used in the boiler production is the 5, 6 and 8 mm P265GH boiler plate. Elements that are particularly exposed to high temperatures are made of cast iron. Experienced welders, robotic welding stations and modern machine park (plasma cutting machines, numerically controlled press brakes) guarantee the durability of our boilers, and the modern Boiler Research Station allows them to continually improve.