MRUCZUŚ cat litter

MRUCZUĆ cat litter is in our opinion the best hygienic material for your cat available on the market, produced from a natural material called bentonite. It absorbs liquids, preventing their decomposition and the release of unpleasant odours. Having absorbed the liquid, the bentonite granules swell and form lumps which can be easily removed from the litter box.

What kind of litter will satisfy a cat? Above all, it has to be safe! The grade of MRUCZUŚ granules is selected in such a way that your darling pet will not harm its legs and lose the willingness to dig and walk over the litter. ZĘBIEC cat litter is produced in sizes 1–4 mm.

The best cat litter! The advantages of MRUCZUŚ:

  • MRUCZUŚ is made of 100% natural material; it does not create dust, and your pet does not spread the litter all over your home;
  • MRUCZUŚ absorbs liquids and disagreeable odour; upon contact with liquids MRUCZUŚ forms lumps which can be easily removed from the litter box and disposed
  • the product is well tolerated by cats (which was demonstrated in many empirical tests!);
  • it has good performance: MRUCZUŚ comes in 6.5 L bags at a good price (packaged only in ecological bags)

The Veterinary Institute in Puławy
has issued an opinion saying that the material – MRUCZUŚ cat litter – is completely safe for cats.

Hygienic and super absorbent MRUCZUŚ cat litter
in every domestic cat’s litter box!

Packaging method

6.5 L paper bags, stacked on a pallet (144 pcs)