KORMIX is a modern equivalent of foundry coal dust. The development of this product has significantly contributed to improved iron casting in bentonite moulding sands. Thanks to that, better handling and better dimension parameters were achieved, and the number of defective products was reduced.
KORMIX is produced using the best varieties of coal mined in Poland. It is made by mixing coal dust with other carriers of lustrous coal, which intensify its action. The use of KORMIX significantly enhances the quality of moulding sand. It is particularly visible on the surface of cast iron products: surface defects are practically eliminated, so no further working (grinding) is needed, thus reducing production costs.

Benefits of KORMIX:

  • radically reduced emission of harmful BTEX compounds,
  • radically reduced emission of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,
  • improves surface quality of castings, eliminating such defects as burn-ons, scab, or veins,
  • lowers the cost of finishing (grinding) of castings.

Intended use:
KORMIX is used to make synthetic moulding sand as a carrier for lustrous coal.


  • content of grains under 0.1 mm – min. 83%;
  • content of grains over 0.1 mm – max. 17%;

Physico-chemical composition:

  • volatile content: 38–47%, test as per PN-81/G-04516;
  • ash: max. 8%, test as per PN-80/G-04512;
  • total sulphur: max. 0.8%, test as per PN-80/G-04514/01;
  • water: max. 4%, test as per PN-80/G-04511/p.2.2;
  • lustrous coal: depending on Customer’s demand: 14–25%, test as per PN-88/4024-09;

Packaging method

34+2 kg paper bags, stacked on Euro pallet 800 x 1200mm


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