SN bentonite

This bentonite has a universal application and is a good solution in many sectors of industry. It is used as an additive for animal fodder, in the production of concrete, plaster, paints and lacquers, in food and drug industry, as well as in sewerage industry clean sewage ducts.

Item Parameter SN bentonite, non-activated
1. Swell factor [cm3/2g], max. 8,0
2. Carbonate content [%], max. 1,5
3. Water content [%], max. 12
4. Montmorillonite content [%], min. 65
5. Particle size 80% under 0.056 mm

Packaging method

21+2 kg paper bags, stacked on Euro pallet 1200×800 mm Big Bag, approx. 1000 kg Bulk in truck tanks Other types of packaging to be arranged


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