S11 bentonite for building construction

S11 bentonite is commonly used in construction to erect slurry walls, injections and anti-filtration barriers. For its production, high quality bentonite with a high content of montmorillonite is used.

Item Parameter S11 bentonite suspension after 4h
1. Density [g/cm3] Poniżej 1,10
2. Marsh viscosity [s] 32 – 50
3. Filtrate volume [ml] Poniżej 30
4. pH 8 – 11
5. Filter residue [mm] Poniżej 3

Packaging method

45±2,5 kg paper bags, stacked on Euro pallet 1200×800 mm Big Bag, approx. 1000 kg Bulk in truck tanks Other types of packaging to be arranged


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