MS bentonite

MS bentonite is a high-performance mixture of modified bentonite and activated additives. It is used for stabilisation of slurry walls. Thanks to its ideal formula, it makes it possible to prepare a suspension with enhances rheological parameters and high thixotropy at low concentrations.

A suspension made with MS bentonite ensures the excellent stabilisation of trench walls. The bentonite swells and creates a suspension with high rheological parameters. Bentonite, as a thixotropic liquid, possesses very high structural strength: it maintains the stability of trench walls by slowing down the spillage of soil and the closing down of the walls.

Item Parameter MS bentonite
30 kg/m3 40 kg/m3 50 kg/m3 60 kg/m3
1. Conventional viscosity (Marsh funnel) [s] > 32 > 35 > 40 > 45
2. Density [g/cm3] ~1,02 ~1,025 ~1,03 ~1,04
3. Apparent viscosity [mPas], min. 6 10 12 15
4. Filtration [ml] as per API, RP 13A, max. 26 23 20 15
5. Water content [%], max. 12
6. Grain content on sieve 0.075 mm, [%] max. 4

Packaging method

21+2 kg paper bags, stacked on Euro pallet 1200×800 mm Big Bag, approx. 1000 kg Bulk in truck tanks Other types of packaging to be arranged


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