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Legal disclaimers

The copyright to this website is owned by:

Zakłady Górniczo-Metalowe „Zębiec” w Zębcu Spółka Akcyjna
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All rights reserved. Linking permitted. Copying, duplication, transfer of text, graphics, photographs or multimedia to other internet web pages is prohibited. If you want to use, reprint, or order text– contact us Distribution, recording, reproduction without prior written permission of ZGM Zębiec S.A. in Zębiec is prohibited. The materials used on this website are for reference only and may not be duplicated or distributed in any form and in any manner for any purpose, including their copying, photocopying and digitisation, including Internet publication without a prior written permission of their Owner.

“Website” refers to the internet portal of ZGM ZĘBIEC S.A. [] along with all associated pages and sub-pages which constitute an integral part of the whole portal. The content of this portal is for information-educational purposes only, and particular texts express their authors’ personal opinions.

Despite our efforts the information contained on this Website may not be exhaustive and they might prove imprecise or out of date. Having this in mind, ZGM ZĘBIEC SA may not be held liable for any inaccuracies concerning the information contained herein. Any person who uses the information contained herein and takes any decisions on its basis will do so at his or her own risk. ZGM ZĘBIEC SA shall not be liable for damage resulting from direct or indirect access to this Website or the use of the information herein.

By gaining access to the Website and pages linked thereto, the user accepts that electronic mail and other kinds of Internet transmission are subject to interference of third parties and cannot be deemed confidential. Any links to Internet pages of third parties, presented on the ZGM ZĘBIEC SA Website [] reflect our good faith and our conviction based on it that the content of those pages is associated with our Website. This does not mean that ZGM ZĘBIEC SA has reviewed or accepted such a web page or its content to which the Website makes reference. ZGM ZĘBIEC SA declares that in some cases the links might indicate the websites of third parties containing views and opinions which are at conflict with those presented herein or presented by ZGM ZĘBIEC SA.
All registered company names featured on the web pages and in messages from ZGM ZĘBIEC SA are used for identification only. ZGM ZĘBIEC SA shall not be liable for decision which users make on the basis of the information and services made available on Website and on the basis of comments made by Users on the forum.

No information contained on our Website constitutes a commercial offer or an invitation to negotiate in the name of or on behalf of ZGM ZĘBIEC SA within the meaning of the law. Any use of a work in whole or in part without the permission of its Owner for purposes other than non-commercial private constitutes a breach of law. The use of the content for citation is permitted on terms and to the extent specified by the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyrights and related rights (uniform text published in Journal of Laws of 2006, No. 90, item 631), including the obligation to indicate the source of the citation.

ZGM ZĘBIEC SA reserves the right to revise the whole or part of the content of this Website without notice.

Copyright and trademarks

Any person who uses this Website is obliged to observe copyright and industrial property rights. It is permitted to copy the content of this Website if this becomes necessary during the browsing thereof, except that it can be copied only for personal use in the scope that is justified by such personal use. Any other use of this Website is strictly forbidden. The whole content of this Website and of its copies on computers is protected by copyright in favour of:
The logo is a trademark, registered to and used by permission of ZGM ZĘBIEC SA.

Posting a link to our Website on another website requires a prior written permission of ZGM ZĘBIEC SA.

The use of this Website and the transmission of its content, as well as the application of the terms and conditions herein is governed by Polish law.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed by Polish law, a competent court or public authority, as invalid, unlawful or ineffective to any extent, this part of these terms and conditions shall not apply. Other terms and conditions remain in force and produce legal effects.


Should you have any queries or observations concerning the operation of this Website, please contact ZGM ZĘBIEC SA. We will appreciate any comments on the content of this Website. Queries and/or comments should be submitted via our Contact Form.
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