ACTIVE bentonite mixtures

ACTIVE bentonite mixtures is a modern material used in the foundry industry to make synthetic moulding compounds. It consists of carefully selected SPECJAL bentonite, charcoal dust, and a synthetic glossy carbon carrier. The use of mixtures eliminates the need to develop technology for two different materials, i.e. bentonite and coal dust. The castings are clearly of better quality – they have smooth surfaces without flaws in the form of burns, scabs, or veins. In addition, they are very accurately reproduced, thus removing the need for processing, which in turn translates into lower production costs.


  • facilitates the dosage of moulding compound ingredients,

  • ensures accurate surface reproduction of cast parts,

  • reduces the costs associated with casting cleaning and processing,

  • improves the quality of the castings produced,

  • improves health, safety, and fire safety conditions.