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Zebiec means heat

ZGM ,,Zebiec’’ SA for 40 years has been one of the leading producers of boilers in Poland. The boilers are designed for central heating of detached houses, supermarkets, service shops, garages, utility rooms and the like. Our mission is meeting demands of our customers by supplying them with the highest quality products which live up to their expectations. Each and every newly introduced type of boiler is thoroughly inspected with respect to the construction and is subject to heat testing. This is done at our professional testing station. Our boilers meet all requirements in the scope of energy effectiveness and ecological standards. All boilers manufactured by ZGM  Zebiec S.A. are labelled with the sign CE. On customer’s request we issue Declaration of Conformity. Our products have proved reliable for over 700 thousand customers in Poland and in Europe as well.


Boilers: high quality heat

ZGM „Zębiec” SA is a company with over 50 year tradition. The unique character of our boilers starts already at the design stage. Experienced engineering staff, with aid of the state of the art software execute projects, that comply with the highest technical standard in conformity with current standards and directives. Thanks to 40 years of experience in boilers production we know very well how to develop our products. We use the highest class materials from renowned suppliers. The primary material used for the production of boilers is boiler metal sheet and a thickness of 5, 6 and 8 mm. Elements exposed to high temperatures are made of cast iron. Experienced welders, automated welding posts and modern machinery (plasma cutters, numerically controlled edge presses) fully guarantee endurance of our boilers, and a modern Boiler Testing Station enables their continuous improvement.

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Zakłady Górniczo - Metalowe "ZĘBIEC" w Zębcu Spółka Akcyjna
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Infolinia godz. 8.00 - 16.00 tel. 41 27 67 250
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